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Equipment Builder's links

QRP HomeBuilder promotes experimentation, ugly construction, low-cost designs and QRP operation.
K7QO - construction techniques and projects focusing on Manhattan style construction.
N1HFX - easy to build projects and circuit design articles.
antenneX© The paper magazine that was read in 45 countries is now online reaching 172 countries!
K3PGP Experimenter's Corner - interesting stuff and a hamfest calendar.
W9CF resource list

IZ7ATH web site - homebrew and more from an Italian viewpoint
Highfields Amateur Radio Club, Cardiff, Wales, UK - Basic electronic and construction information.
QRP Amateur Radio Club International promotes building and using transmitters running 5 watts output or less. - Surface Mount (SMD) Transistor/Diode online cross reference guide.
Philips ECG - Downloadable and online cross reference guides.
NTE Electronics - Downloadable and online cross reference guides.
Octopart - is a search engine for electronic parts.
Antennas Service and Education
KB2LJJ radio mods, manuals, software, bulletins and books
PY1AK and IV3GKE antenna and tower construction
Electronics classes (and more) Online at the Wisconsin Online Resource Center
Multiband Delta Loop
Microphone connections for the Radio Amateur

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Last updated May 10, 2011.